As Mayor Miner continues her work to make Syracuse a 21st Century city, she is reinventing and modernizing the way our government works. "Do we want to continue to be a city with a history of embracing change and being innovative and moving forward? Or do we want to be a community that says we don't want to take risks and we want to look backwards? My answer to that is that we want to move forward."

In an effort to improve and increase economic development, Mayor Miner has finally made information about the development process accessible online. The city website now includes agendas and minutes from meetings, zoning guidelines, and other tools for those looking to grow their business and our local economy. The public can now stay informed about what is going on in their city and we can encourage developers to make Syracuse the new home for their businesses by making the process more accessible.

Under Mayor Miner, the Syracuse Police Department has looked for new ways to reach out to the public. They have started a Facebook page to improve interaction and communication so that their news, alerts and bulletins are now directly accessible to concerned citizens and other individuals who have information that may be helpful in solving crimes and keeping our city safe.

Mayor Miner has also engaged citizens in other ways. She created the Mayor's Citizens Cabinet in 2010, a unique organization which engages citizens in the government decision making process. She has expanded outreach to seniors to assist them in filing for available property tax exemptions, which helps them to stay in their homes. The creation of social media sites for the Mayor's office has helped citizens send their concerns directly to the Mayor, improving public input. "I've been very fortunate in that I have been able to work very closely with the County Executive. Early on, we said to each other, look, we think we should work together. That was the first step in saying that we as a community will thrive together but we've got to figure out a way to work together. And we have been successful in doing that."

Understanding that Syracuse has limited resources and cannot solve all their problems alone, Mayor Miner has worked towards consolidation of departments to cut costs and provide more efficient service to the citizens of Syracuse. In the past several years, Mayor Miner has worked in a bi-partisan manner with County Executive Joanie Mahoney to consolidate the city and county economic development offices and planning departments, in addition to the purchase department and the city-county arborist. These moves continue her effort to streamline the governmental process to provide the greatest operational effectiveness.

In her next four years as mayor, Mayor Miner will continue to find new, innovative ways to make our government work for the people of Syracuse. She will continue to modernize the city's website to provide more and better information for the people of Syracuse and more opportunities for Syracusans to voice their concerns. The Mayor also commits to developing a multi-media approach to communicating the goals, strategies, actions, progress, public meetings, and participation opportunities of the city government in order to create transparency and promote civic awareness and engagement.

The Mayor is committed to reinventing and modernizing the way our government works. The government of the City of Syracuse should work for the people of Syracuse, and Mayor Miner is committed to making that a reality.

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